View Full Version : Guide book, and Parking in northern half of Vermont

08-07-2017, 14:06
Hi all,

Got last minute approval for time off from work. Considering a hike along the LT.

Anyone know if I can stop in at the GMC to purchase a guide book or maps, or do I have to order by mail?

Also, is there any safe place to leave a car in the northern half of the state? Say, anywhere from The Long Trail Inn and up?

Thanks for any feedback!


08-07-2017, 17:01
The GMC has a visitor center in Waterbury Center, They sell maps and books. See https://www.greenmountainclub.org/visitor-center/ for hours and directions.

Trailhead parking is typically safe, use the usual precautions.

mark schofield
08-08-2017, 06:59
I have left my car at he Inn or across the street with no problems. A few times I paid the Inn a small fee for parking in their lot

double d
08-08-2017, 07:56
The GMC HQ in Waterbury is a great location-they will have all of the items-information you will need and then some. Since you live in MA, I would suggest taking the drive up to Waterbury for a visit-you will gain the information you are looking for.

08-08-2017, 08:56
Stop on by the Ben and Jerrys for the factory tour and Lake Champlain Chocolate factory outlet while you are there ;)

There was run of car break ins at various rural crossings a few years back. The parking at Journeys End is about a remote as one can get

capt. photon
08-12-2017, 17:01
I would find a residence or business to leave my vehicle at. Offer them a modest parking fee to make them feel better. Several public trailheads are notorious for break-ins. The worst, IMO, is for Little Rock Pond, outside of Danby. On my last visit there a Subaru was broken into a the inside of the vehicle trashed. Danby has a reputation for breeding low life individuals. Whether there is anything of value in your car or not, it will be broken into at LRP.

Another hot spot is in Lincoln Gap.

I can only say park at your own risk.

I left my car at the 1893 House, a B&B, at the end of the trail. Fee was one night's stay, $35.00 in the '90's.