View Full Version : Google Earth down?

Feral Bill
08-08-2017, 18:21
Am I the only one, or is Google Earth (new version) devoid of Earth imagery at this time? I reported it to them.

Hikes in Rain
08-08-2017, 21:07
New version working fine with me. Might be regional?

Odd Man Out
08-08-2017, 22:25
I had that problem today too. I didn't think it was a GE issue. I assumed it was my fault.

08-08-2017, 23:19
I'd blame it on ˈaləˌɡôrē

Feral Bill
08-09-2017, 00:21
Good news. With a visit to the GE Help Forum I am back in business. Try it OMO.