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02-04-2003, 00:51
I will be doing the Unicoi Gap to Neals Gap section this coming Mon-Tues if anyone is interested. The forecast looks good for this time of year (no 4 degree overnighter!), maybe a little dusting of snow in spots..if you have done this section you know that Blue Mtn is first on the agenda.
Of course all who have done this section please share your reflections.
I am excited to know that I will turn over another year of my life on this section and I like the idea of waking up somewhere south of Unicoi Gap a year older.
Sassi-cat refuses to do any AT in Ga with that small section required from Deep Gap to Bly to complete her goal of doing the AT in NC being the exception, so solo it is.
I will be playing with the Mithril that has finally arrived and will give a report on it Sgt Rock style upon my return.
Looks like I will be staying at Blood Mtn. Cabins the night before...wanted to stay at Goose Creek but no one there has answered or returned my calls-I like the guy at Goose Creek a lot, he is a UGA graduate and a UGA College of Pharmacy grad much like myself, but alas the other will have to do.
Also, Blood Mtn. Cabins is providing me a free shuttle and as you know you can leave a vehicle safely there or at the parking area down from the Y.
Monstad had offered to shuttle me but I think he works mon-fri, but thanks anyway.
Also I will be looking for early starting NoBo's as I walk south-would rule to meet someone from this site.

Report to follow.

02-05-2003, 21:41

Was up on Blue last weekend and we put in some new rock steps for you. Should be plenty of water from Blue to Low Gap with the weather we have been having. Put in some more steps for you a little south of Low Gap a couple of weks ago. Easy hike after you get over Blue, it's tough both ways out of Unicoi. There is a nice place to pitch a tent on the top of Cowrock. Right after the trail to Whitley Gap Shelter the trail goes to the right and in about 50' you'll see some space off to the left. Enough room for 2 or 3 tents, good view to the south. No water, it's on the top. Neels is easy from here with only one real hump. Have a good trip and if you have time to visit Low Gap shelter, about 100yds off the trail, good water, let me know what it looks like. I haven't been to the shelter in about a month and need to know if I need to take the big pack next time to pack out garbage.

02-06-2003, 01:56
amd yes I will be tenting! the info you provided is critical and muchly needed...where should I fill up the water bladders before tenting at the site you recommended on Cowrock? Again this is why I love Whiteblaze.net!
I will report on the shelter condition too!

02-06-2003, 10:03
You will have a nice backpack. Mongstad is right that once over Blue it is a nice hike down to Low Gap. Part is down an old logging road. I can't imagine what it was like driving a truck or worse a horse and wagon down roads like that. Anyway there is water crossing the trail along there.

Last summer when I did that area I set up my tent on top of the mountain just south of Hogpen Gap, and right alongside of the AT. I don't think there is a name for it, but it's just up the hill from hogpen, and not a big climb. There is no water on the top, but there is water at hogpen, a short blue blaze. Water is across the highway at hogpen and look for the trail going to the left. I carried my water up from there.

The tent site is just big enough for one tent, and is the only level area around, but it was a nice spot right on top of the mountain.

Have a good trip.


02-06-2003, 18:28
Thanks Scorpion! More good info for sure...

02-07-2003, 22:26
I could be wrong, but as far as I know there is no water at Hogpen. I am there fairly often. There is water at Testnatee which is the next gap after Cowrock. I suspect the tent site Scorpion was talking about is on Cowrock. From there a good view of Blood to the south. As far as I know the last water before Cowrock is Low Gap. You could walk the road from Hogpen to Testnatee to get water, it's right around the corner to the right. One of those places where it's obvious the trail is for views and exercise and not for getting somewhere. I'd come up and meet you, but to much other things going right now. Have a good trip, I'm thinking about Standing Indian mid-March so maybe you can help me out then.

Lone Wolf
02-07-2003, 22:41
Yup. There is water at Hogpen Gap. Just before the road NOBO is a blue blaze on the right leading to the spring.

02-10-2003, 09:06
Yes, the water source Lone Wolf mentioned is the one I was talking about. Going south it's just after you cross the road. And the tent site is on top of the mountain, between Hogpen and Testnatee. It's not much of a climb with water from Hogpen going south, but a harder climb going north from Testnatee. I don't have any maps or guide books with me, but don't remember a name to that mountain.

Lone Wolf
02-10-2003, 09:10
That would be Wildcat Mtn.

02-11-2003, 08:54

i did this section last year on the "Jaybird & TeePee" adventure 2002. We are NOBO section hiking.....i found, in this section, Blood Mtn, was the toughest....it might've been because i hit it @ the end of my day.....but loved the views from the top!

good luck on your hike.

hope to see a few WhiteBlaze.Net fans on the trail.