View Full Version : Gulf Hagas - talk me out of skipping it

08-13-2017, 16:51
Last fall we did a SOBO section of the HMW, exiting at Katahdin Ironworks Road. We had intended to do the Gulf Hagas loop, but bypassed it because it was late in the day and we had to meet a shuttle early the next morning. Also it was a dry year (ankle deep at the Pleasant River ford) and others had said the gulf wasn't really worth the extra miles.

In a few days we'll board a plane to do another SOBO Maine section beginning at KIW Rd. I'm considering whether to get dropped off at the Upper Gulf parking area and do the whole gulf (end-to-end, not a loop - looks like about 8-9 miles), or get dropped off at the AT crossing and go see Screw Augur Falls only (4 miles), or just skip the whole thing. It's unlikely we'd ever be back.

Our current itinerary involves a late morning arrival at the Portland airport, 2.5-hr drive to Monson, 1-hr shuttle to KIW Rd, an unknown time for Gulf Hagas, then 3.9 mile hike up a steep mountain to Chairback Gap Lean-to. This adds up to a 3:30 pm drop-off at the earliest, with sunset about 7:30 - leaving no time for the Gulf. If the gulf is really worth the extra time and miles, we could make some adjustments to our itinerary, but I'm leaning towards skipping it entirely. After all, there are plenty of pictures online, like this one. Bad idea???


TJ aka Teej
08-13-2017, 18:11
Well worth a look-see. There are nice campsites at Hay Brook (http://www.northmainewoods.org/component/content/category/21-jo-mary.html), down a short side trail from the north side of the ford.

08-13-2017, 19:15
You may well make memories on your trip that will last a lifetime, but the physical features of the pools and waterfalls of Gulf Hagas -- as nice as they are -- will almost certainly not be the reason for them.

08-14-2017, 21:11
TJ and Rick,
Thank you for your replies. I've been reading up on the gulf some more, and studying our itinerary. Looks like if we reverse and go NOBO instead of SOBO it works out much better and we should be able to visit the gulf after all. Not only that, but we'll be able to position our vehicle there, and do the gulf without our packs. So Gulf Hagas, here we come!