View Full Version : Should I modify pack?

02-02-2006, 23:48
I have a pretty good (if somewhat old) Kelty external frame pack that was left behind by a former roommate -- I plan to use it for a thru-hike this spring/summer instead of buying new. However, the frame is awful big for me (I'm only 5'3"), and the top of the frame feels like it's "in my way," banging into my head and whatnot, even when the pack is full and otherwise comfortable on my shoulders and hips. To make it more comfortable, I want to cut off the top part of the frame, just the uppermost rung...but will that effect the way the pack distributes the weight? Will it effect performance? Any advice from folks with more experience with external frame packs???

02-03-2006, 03:48
I modified some external frame packs for kids at a camp I worked for - it was trial and error at first, but the final products were pretty good. I don't know what your pack is, but the most important thing I discoverd was if there is a top cross bar, it is there for a reason - keep it, even if you have to lower it. Also - if you manage to do irreparable damage to the pack (I made some on the ones I worked with) can you afford a new pack? Good luck!