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08-17-2017, 09:17
Hey folks, I have a Pur Scout purifier that I purchased a little batter than 20 years ago,never used mind you ( how bad is that). Trying to plan a section hike and looking to get some thoughts on should I use it, discard it or use something else. Would the Aqua Mura be unnecessary along side Sawyer mini?
Thanks for your help

08-17-2017, 12:44
The Pur Scout includes iodine, so Aqua Mira would be unnecessary. This should work fine; it's just a bit heavy in comparison to today's products.

08-17-2017, 22:35
My Scout still has the original filter. Very little usage. The O-rings need lubricant periodically. Lip gloss works. Katadyn sells a replacement filter minus the iodine.
A very sturdy, simple, easily serviced quality filter. Lighter than the MSR WaterWorks which I also own.

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12-14-2017, 14:32
I also have one of these that I bought years ago. I still have it even though I don't use it anymore. It was large and heavy though. I did like the fact that you could put the iodine section on it but I don't know if it would still be effective