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08-18-2017, 12:40
First off, I love this tent and while there isn't anything wrong with the design, I tend to tinker and think and tinker some more...that's how I am wired.

Not that I've got that out of the way, one of the issues I have had with the tent is keeping the main peak lines pulled tight while, not pulling the stakes out of the ground. Last week while sleeping in my sons free standing Big Agnes tent, I stated to wonder about creating an exterior strut between the peaks to provide outward tension, there for reducing the workload of the main pullouts and stakes.

This morning, I went to the garage and found some old carbon arrows and rigged them up as a strut. Once the tent was mostly up, I inserted the strut, finished the set up and then released the tension on the peak lines. As I suspected, the tension created by the strut made it possible to completely release the tension from the peak line while not sacrificing the rigidity of the tent.

While this was my first attempt, I've decided that I need stiffer arrows and will try again. I will see what else I come up with and will likely post it for anyone remotely curious.

While I didn't weigh the strut, it was light enough to not be an issue.

Happy camping!


08-18-2017, 16:47
I have never seen where you couldn't get the ridgeline tight without pulling the stakes out, unless it was super sandy soil. If you are having problems with stakes pulling out, I think the easier solution would be to double stake the side pullouts using a small section of line with loops on each end. Slip through the existing loop and make a Y shape and stake it out. Double the holding power. Or use rocks to weight the stakes. Lot of options available.

I see more of an issue with packing the arrow than weight.

08-18-2017, 18:34
Well, its not designed to be taught, just look at zpacks own pics

Its dont appear possible staking only from the bottom edge, theres no leverage

I would agree, the guy angle for those is poor as well, and probably easy to pull the stake out if push on the pole
It would need a guyline from the top of the pole, going out 4-5l feet, and it would be as taught as you want, and stake would stay put
but take more area to pitch

The Haven tarp struggles with the same problem. The sides are just too steep.

I like your solution...for you. If you want to carry the strut, go for it.

But a few extra feet of zline might be lighter?

08-18-2017, 18:49
I appreciate the input and for indulging me while am killing time in between hikes.

I agree that a rock would work and I had previously posted a double staking method that works well. Unfortunately, it seems like everywhere I camp, I've dealt with soft soil and stakes that won't quite stay put.

This was another attempt to find a solution. The arrows don't have any points and could be packed without worry. I'm definitely not sure if it is a reasonable option.

The tent ends up being reasonably taut once the doors and ridgeline are pulled tight especially during inclement weather, despite what the website photo show. Once that happens the stakes are strained.

I wonder if running an extra section of cord and stake coming down from the rings at the top of the peaks work work to supplement the factory ones in soft soil.

08-18-2017, 20:49

A second guy line coming off the peak, with another lineloc, works pretty well plus, it can be taken off easily when not needed.

08-18-2017, 23:30
Maybe. Perhaps. You should look at the stakes. Have you heard of sand stakes?

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08-19-2017, 07:59
Maybe. Perhaps. You should look at the stakes. Have you heard of sand stakes?

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Already have some on order.

08-19-2017, 08:46
dont know where others hike
but i can usually barely get a Ti shepherd hook in among the subsurface rocks, even after moving around a bit
can always put a rock on top of a stake, priority is getting it to go in in the first place for me

Calvin N
08-19-2017, 11:18
How did you connect up the carbon shafts?
I've made my own poles and this site is great for parts,


The poles I've made were really strong and didn't bend using shins. I've also inserted an elastic cord
Inside so it can be folded down smaller.