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August W.
08-27-2017, 09:33
US Air lists 22 inches as max length of a carry on and the Exos comes in about 22.5. Have any of you taken an Exos 58 as a carry on with US Air?

08-27-2017, 09:43
Can't help with the 58, sorry. I have used the Exos 34 quite a bit that way though. Took it to Colombia last week with no problems.

08-27-2017, 10:22
Carried a circuit, gorilla several times w no issue...similar size...as long as it's not stuffed full shouldn't be an issue...about only time id use stuff sacks to compress as much as possible so appears smaller...maybe remove brain....

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08-27-2017, 14:45
FYI: Your Exos 58 is longer than 22", probably wider than 14 inches, and definitely thicker than 9 inches. I have watched both US Air and American Airlines be absolute jerks about carry-on size on full flights. If the bag doesn't fit easily (without pushing it down) into the 22x44x9 boxes at the gate, you're bag is not allowed as a carry on.

With a bag checked at the gate because it is over sized, I have watched them literally be dropped down from the gate 15 feet onto the tarmac to be loaded onto the plane. I was shocked!

There is a chance you would be let through with an over-sized carry on (probably not on US Air or AA), but, I would make sure it is packed in a way that it can be dropped 15 feet onto pavement without damage if you take that chance.

Also, although I haven't seen AA or USAir charge extra for bags checked at the gate, several airlines have started charging significantly for bags that have to be checked at the gate - as much at $225 on a flight I took to Europe last month (luckily for me, my bags were either checked prior to the gate or were well within expected norms).

08-27-2017, 15:14
Once people started trying to carry on as much as possible to avoid baggage fees, they had to clamp down on carry on. If at all possible, ship your pack ahead via UPS and you can put things in there the airlines don't allow or you don't want them to find...

08-27-2017, 16:13
Double-bag it in garbage bags, and check it.

August W.
08-28-2017, 06:57
Thanks all.

08-28-2017, 07:36
US Airways is no more, they bought and became American Airlines some time ago. AA has a max size of 22" x 14" x 9", squishing it to fit won't work well with most gate agents as that usually causes the bag to increase size in one of the other dimensions.

AA (and other airlines) also has a second tier sizing for those traveling on economy tickets, which for that fare is under seat storage only, which is 18" long, so the pack is not likely to fit under a seat or in the overhead if it has anything in it. The only exception you may get is to travel in first class where they sometimes look past the sizing charts, but even there I have seen it get enforced. Best bet is to check it in a duffel bag or ship it.

08-28-2017, 08:35
I checked my Exos 58 when I thru hiked the JMT.

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08-28-2017, 09:18
I have flown twice with my Exos 58 and carried it on both times. However, I did not have the lid on it and my buddy and I flew together so we checked a shared duffel bag to put our poles, stove and food in and a couple misc items in so that the Exos wasn't busting at the seams. This allowed it to be small enough that no one even asked it about it and we walked right on. This was once with Jet Blue and once with American.

Buckle the straps, tighten everything down and compress it as much as possible and it will most likely be smaller than most folks' carry ons these days.