View Full Version : Byrds Nest #3

08-29-2017, 13:37
I know I'm a little late posting this, mostly due to it not making onto the ATC website. I stayed at the Byrds Nest #3 shelter in SNP on August 12th. There were laminated flyers posted indicating recent bear activity had resulted in damage to people's property. Stayed anyway, the night was pretty uneventful probably because the bears smelled my dog and stayed away, although I did hear bears digging around outside a few times. Was told 2 days later by some other hikers about how several bears actually came into the shelter and ran a guy out of there on the night of the 10th.The park must have been notified since they put out the flyers but must not of notified the ATC. I left a brief message with the ATC since nobody would answer the phone but it still has not found its way to the trail updates on the website.

01-13-2021, 21:14
Has anyone stayed near Bearís Nest #3 recently? Iím thinking of using one of the campsites nearby for a quick overnight. I need to test my new Altaplex. :banana