View Full Version : Shuttle from Burlngton to North Troy.

08-29-2017, 14:57
Looking for a few names and prices for a shuttle from Burlington to North Troy around September 10 (date not confirmed but pretty close). We've looked at taking a bus to St. Albans, then to Richford, then getting a shuttle to North Troy, but that will eat up quite a bit of a day that I had other plans for.

There will be 2 of us. We will be at a hotel near the airport in Burlington, but we'd do our best to be at a convenient pick up spot. We're calling around to a few shuttle people today but I'm looking for a few more options :)

any info is much appreciated.

08-29-2017, 15:28
Try wendy at Jaywayjitney

[email protected]

08-29-2017, 17:19
I had a hard time finding a shuttle when I did my SOBO. I ended up using New England Taxi.

08-29-2017, 22:33
When I retire, I'm getting a van!

08-30-2017, 09:18
In Ricford there is a deli pizza place ,small supermarket, convenience store and a pub. I was there this weekend on the bike trail