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02-03-2006, 22:50

Need a little help-i'm a section hiker from Oregon with 2 weeks of vacation to use(last week of march and first week of april.) I'd like to hike all of MD and PA up to Duncannon. My little bro lives in the Pocono Mtns and he will be my shuttle. Question- is it too early for that section? Thanks jdubs

02-03-2006, 22:58
It's never too early to hike. It just matters if you have appropriate gear. What do you have?

02-03-2006, 23:00
I live at your bottom starting point (Harpers Ferry) and it sure has been warm this year! Around here we can (and do) get snow storms up to mid April. Around here May is the 'perfect' month, in general.

That said, last week of March? Hey, I will of long passed finished the spring clean up on my sections of trail, and be out backpacking somewhere near by.

02-03-2006, 23:17
Smooth-Thanks for the advice- wish i could head back later but the bossman says use the vaction or lose the vacation. Last section hike i did was Pa in July 04(duncannon- dwg.) It was great weather and got to spend a lot of time with thru's.

Alligator- I'm set up well for poor weather. The coast range and cascades throw it at you all year long.


02-03-2006, 23:57
That's a good time of year for hiking in my opinion. No thrus yet--no crowds-- no bugs, cooler at night, nice for a fire. If you're prepared for poor weather and have some warm clothes you'll be fine. About the only bad thing is late March and April can throw a big snowstorm at you, but that's infrequent. Maybe a little spring weather too.

02-06-2006, 13:23

I do have a cabin not too far out of Harpers Ferry if you need a place to overnight at before starting. Or if there is some other support that I could help with, let me know.