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09-07-2017, 11:25
Is there an AT trail/shelter map for a Garmin eTrex 20x Topo hand held available??

09-07-2017, 12:27
You can download GPX files and waypoints for the AT from GaiaGPS http://blog.gaiagps.com/maps-and-tracks-appalachian-trail/ Once you have the GPX files, you can load them into your eTrex using Garmin's Basecamp software. Note that these are only the tracks and waypoints, not maps. The data are the official AT trail and waypoint data from ATC.

They'll plot on the basemap that is on your eTrex, so while the tracks are good for navigation, they will display only at the resolution of the device's built-in basemap (probably 100K resolution) unless you buy and install the 24K topo maps. Still, the built in in basemap along with the GaiaGPS GPX files are good enough to navigate with.

09-08-2017, 11:03
These work great on my eTrex 20 - use it ALL the time. :)
Trail data: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/53/

Lot of good data here:
Shelter GPX here: https://tnlandforms.us/at/shelters.gpx
Parking GPX here: https://tnlandforms.us/at/atparking.gpx

09-08-2017, 11:10
There is also Garmin compatible topo here, you'll want these two and use Basecamp to push the parts you want to the GPS:

09-08-2017, 20:55
Yes there are .gpx files. I only found a few errors (old shelters that were not there and new ones that were).