View Full Version : Directions to Inn at Long Trail

09-07-2017, 16:46
Sorry for what might be a simple question, but I am doing a short section on the AT from Manchester to the Inn at Long Trail. Is access to the Inn easier by going S a short distance past where the LT heads north or hiking another mile down to Sherborne Pass? Is there a sign on the AT to the Inn? Thanks. Paul

09-07-2017, 17:21
Hike directly to the Inn and don't look back.

Mountain Mike
09-07-2017, 18:28
The current AT crosses Rt 4 west of the Inn. You can take the Shurburne trail (old AT) directly to the Inn by Pico Peak.

09-07-2017, 19:22

As Mountain Mike noted, the Inn is where the Sherburne Pass Trail crosses Highway 4.

Note that, if you're planning on taking the shuttle from The Inn into Rutland, stand at the speed limit sign
*NOT* in front of the inn! Don't repeat my mistake!!

09-07-2017, 19:44
If you are planning to hike the whole AT, cross RT 4, pass the Long Trail junction and cut right on the old AT to the Inn at Sherborn Pass (on Rt 4). The connector back to the Inn is relatively short and flat.
Much longer but nicer hike than up Rt 4.