View Full Version : Hats off to JimSproul

02-04-2006, 15:18
Just wanted to share a story about one of our WB members; JimSproul. I purchased a REI Roadster from JimSproul a few weeks ago at what I felt was more than a fair price. It ended up that Jim was tied up and out of town due to business so he was delayed in shipping the tent by a week or so. Jim felt bad about the delay so as a concession he refunded nearly 25% of the purchase price!! Now I didn't ask for this concession nor was I expecting it. Jim truly exhibits the spirit of the trail and demonstrates the caliber of most of the folks on WB. For what it is worth, I do not know Jim except from WB and never had the pleasure of meeting him (hope I do one day). As I told Jim, in keeping the spirit alive (and the karma flowing) I'm adding his refund to my forthcoming WB donation.

As I mentioned a lot of folks on WB are really, really decent foks, but I wanted to share my personal experience in dealing with Jim. HATS OFF TO YOU JIM!!!