View Full Version : how much to buy your trip

02-04-2006, 17:52
how much would it take for you to put off this trip till next year?5 thousand ?more? amillion dollars? all the money in the world? can nothing drag you away? my answer....................not for less than a years wages.and it would still suck but for 30,000 bucks id do it. now i know this is stupid.just name the amount.

02-04-2006, 19:01
3 Million, 10 thousand dollars + whatever amount in taxes that would be required to keep 3 million, 10 thousand for myself. My wife and I could retire (live off of the interest) and then just spend a year enjoying our time off before hitting the trail--maybe even have time to really get in shape before hitting the trail. The 10 grand is so that we don't have to save any of the 3 mil for hiking expenses (I would want to have a REALLY cozy hike if I were worth a few million...).

Left Hand
02-04-2006, 19:18
NO WAY! NO! NO AMOUNT! I am going in March. Anything could happen in between now and next year to prevent you from hiking. NOW is the time 2006's!

02-05-2006, 16:08
Thats absurd! No amount of money would prevent my June 1, 2006 start date from happening!

No Way!