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09-18-2017, 15:18

I'm looking to thru-hike the trail northbound for the first time in April 2018. Unfortunately I won't be able to start until probably the 25th April.
Is this too late in general? Will it have a big impact on conditions in any areas specifically

Any help appreciated

09-18-2017, 15:34
Actually I would consider that to be an ideal start date, along with many others. Less winter weather and you still have plenty of time to finish.

09-18-2017, 15:41
I agree with soulmodeler. It's also a good time to start a flip flop if you are worried that it might not be enough time to do a tradition NOBO thru hike.

09-18-2017, 19:29
Agreed with both responses.

Starting in Georgia in late April you'll avoid winter weather - it'll still be chilly, but it's less likely to go below freezing at night. You'll have 5.5 months to get to Maine.

Or you can do a "flip flop" hike starting in Harper's Ferry heading north. Lower elevation, easier terrain to start, and you have as much time as you need (or your visa allows) to hike to Maine, get a ride back to Harper's Ferry, and hike south to Georgia.

In both cases you can carry a lighter pack to start.

09-18-2017, 19:35
Yet another vote of approval. April 15 was the traditional start date "back in the day,"

09-18-2017, 20:16
You'll avoid all the cold, but you'll catch the bugs. I stated mid-March and dealt with a month of snow and freezing temperatures. Nowadays when people aren't carrying 50lb packs, you can make good time, and like the others said, flip if you have to.

09-19-2017, 06:22
Thanks all for your help and advice - this has made me feel a lot better!