View Full Version : Any updates on the GA section?

09-18-2017, 23:46
Just saw Ron's FB page had pics of the parking lots at both Springer and Dicks Creek that were almost full. Are there lots of hikers out there? We were planning to go this Sunday from Three Forks (or Springer) to Dicks Creek. Rescheduling is really not an option - if we skip it we are likely looking at next summer or fall. But, I'd rather delay and be safe than the alternative. But, if there's a chance it's doable (and still fun😊).....

09-19-2017, 05:43
I do know they were requesting more volunteers for tuesday and wednesday to help clean up. I hope they can make a lot of progress.

09-19-2017, 12:16
It's all doable if you are willing to bushwhack and take the risks. I can't recommend it, and the USFS certainly doesn't recommend it. If you go, be aware the risks are higher (a) because you stand a higher chance of getting hurt in the first place, from blowdowns or from still-falling limbs and trees, or even from stumbling into clean-up efforts, and (b) getting you out in case of injury is far more difficult and will take much longer. In addition, your miles per day will be reduced, and you will probably be more tired from all the off-trail hiking. I see you are a hammocker (as am I), so be aware of the increased danger of trees being invisibly weakened. A tree falling on you is not a joke. It will kill you dead.

I have a suggestion for anyone that really, really wants to go out. Contact your local trail maintenance organization and see if you can offer to go with a clean-up crew and help clean up. No, you won't get to use a chainsaw, but you can help drag debris off the trail, or help carry gas and other supplies. You will be with someone who has experience with blowdowns, and who has been through numerous safety speeches so they know what to do to be careful.

Three organizations in the area are:
Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC) - for south of the GA/NC border - https://georgia-atclub.org/
Nantahala Hiking Club - for north of the GA/NC border - http://www.nantahalahikingclub.org/about/
Benton MacKaye Trail Association (BMT got hit too) - http://www.bmta.org/

Also, please be understanding if they can't get back to you right away or can't accommodate you. It's pretty hectic out there right now.