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Feral Bill
09-20-2017, 16:41
When hiking in a new area, especially on more remote trails, check with the land agency for when the trails were last maintained. Last week i spent several days going over, under, around, and through literally hundreds of blowdowns along some Oregon trails. I could have planned a different route if I had asked. Scuffed up my legs pretty well, too.

According to horse packers I met, the trails are never cleared, at least by USFS.

Very much a wilderness experience, on the plus side.

09-21-2017, 00:03
near the PCT at donner pass (I-80) the trail head sign board shows a warren lake trail - it has not been maintained for 30 years and does not actually exist at all - yet there it is on a fresh sign board looking like an attractive loop with the PCT - certainly fooled me

02-24-2018, 03:22
Thank you for this information and sharing your experience it will be helpful for others while hiking to trail.