View Full Version : Foothills Trail conditions?

09-28-2017, 17:10
Had planned to do an end to end next week (driving down from Ohio), got an update today from my shuttle driver that the Table Rock State Park portion is now open but wondering- looking for trail condions /hurricane damage?

09-28-2017, 19:06
Try Shuttler Jim Simpson, he's very knowledgeable and shuttles FHT
+1 (864) 431-0447

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09-28-2017, 19:44
Check the FHT CONFERENCE site for alerts, trail conditions, and other useful tidbits

FWIW the FHT would be a good father and son trek.

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04-23-2018, 21:49
Starting at Oconee SP for a NOBO thru hike on FHT, the weather turned very rainy, 1 -2 inches, overnight Sun making the entering the bridge from south mire hazardous than anticipated w heavy volume and velocity around the bottom. Is. A7 Bad Creek approach trail an option to go around bridge? Sooze April 23, 2018