View Full Version : So how did hurricane Nate treat the trail?

10-10-2017, 16:52
After Irma did what she could did Nate do any more damage?
Specifically I am curious about the north Georgia region. I had to reschedule thanks to Irma and then came Nate. I am going regardless this time but I would like to know what I am getting into.
Wouldn't mind hearing about the rest of the trail though.

10-10-2017, 18:49
Very muggy in VA around the James River bridge. Even with the downpour this weekend hasn't helped the water situation.

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10-10-2017, 21:03
Haven't had a chance to get out on the trail yet, but Nate was pretty mild by the time it got here. A few inches of rain and little wind. I don't expect to find much impact.

10-11-2017, 20:43
No impact around the Tennessee section other than rain. Its as humid now as it ever is during the summer which is surprising.