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10-11-2017, 16:23

I want to hike from the Amicolola Falls visitor center to Springer and then to Neels Gap. I am familiar with Springer Northbound. I have not hiked from the visitor center to Springer. The folks at the visitor center tell me that the stairway route is under construction. They suggest I go through the famous arch at the center and head onto East Ridge Trail. East Ridge Trail gets me at the top of the falls where I hook up with the Springer Mountain trail (Blue Blaze?). Springer Mountain Trail appears to end at High Shoals Rd. Do you have to walk High Shoals Rd until you connect with Nimbewill Gap Rd, then Amicola Park Rd to the connect back with the Approach Trail to Springer and the begining of the AT????

Does the approach trail go uninterrupted to Springer across High Shoals Rd? I can not track it crossing the road on online maps or Google.

Who has walked this (1,000s?)? I had assumed a well marked continuous blue blaze up to Springer..



PS. I originally wanted my trail name to be Wrongway or Clueless. Hikers who named me were a kind lot.

Lone Wolf
10-11-2017, 16:29
just get a ride to the top of the falls. then continue on the blue-blaze trail to springer

10-11-2017, 16:32
just get a ride to the top of the falls. then continue on the blue-blaze trail to springer
Agreed. The parking lot from the top of the falls is the best place to start. You then simply follow the blue blazed trail to Springer.

10-11-2017, 16:46
Thanks for the INFO. So you DON'T walk the road? It is trail the whole way across High Shoals Rd?

Thanks again.

10-11-2017, 17:11
There is no road walk involved. You cross the road a couple of times but it is well marked and obvious where to go.

10-11-2017, 17:14
Thanks again. I figured as much but suffered angst when I did not see the trail pick up from the road. I will probably visit Neels Gap in the next couple of weeks. I have fond memories of my first hike four years ago, too much pack weight, inexperienced, etc. This spring I will pick up from Atkins VA. where I left off last spring.

All the best. This thread can close.