View Full Version : AT weather data over the years?

10-13-2017, 21:58
Has anyone kept records of the weather over the years from Stinger to Katahdin?

10-14-2017, 08:07
No, not really. There are very few weather gathering stations on the AT. With the exception of the weather station on top of Mt. Washington almost all the weather readings along the entire 2200 miles are gathered and recorded at larger towns and airports near the trail. So much of the data that appears on this web page and others about AT weather is measured at a location miles away at usually a much lower altitude. It's good enough for hiking but not quite accurate enough for science.

10-14-2017, 09:31
There is a weather station at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park. Places where weather is measured on top of mountains tend to be scarce.