View Full Version : Walter Mountain Shelter- NC

10-25-2017, 10:46
I am planing a short trip in a couple of week. Max Patch to Hot Springs. The guide books say that the water at Walter Mountain shelter is hard to find. Has anyone been there lately and experienced this? Thanks for the help!

10-25-2017, 11:30
Do you mean "WALNUT" mountain shelter?

Water is down in a little gully sort of behind the shelter. While facing the shelter, go to the left and look for the trail leading down.

BTW, Walnut mountain shelter is tiny, only big enough for 4 people and all the chinking between the log walls has long since disappeared and is in general disrepair. But I saw it had a new roof last time I was there (a few years ago). Plenty of tent sites there.

03-19-2018, 20:01
That shelter is junk. The water source, I had to scoop it out of a puddle with a bowl. And the wind was 25-40 mph sustained, the whole time.

2nd worst night I've had on the AT. Skip it.

03-20-2018, 07:08
Stayed there May of 2016. The shelter was in rough condition. Very windy location. Water was down hill. :)

03-20-2018, 08:05
There is water there in the Spring of the year. It drys up to a trickle in late Summer