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02-05-2003, 06:01
Last year I was reading A Walk In the Woods. About half way into the book,In the Shenanddoah National Park. Fliers appeared on the trail about two missing Female hikers.Latter on near Harpers Ferry he Finds out that they where Murder. And the whole trail was up in the air.Well I just read a update about the case. That the Man (David Rice) that murder these Ladies.Did it because of a hate for Gays and Lesbians. I was wondering if some of the Pass post have some people thinking about not hiking the AT this year or ever.I hope not.The crime rate on the AT is very low. I dont have all the Numbers for it .Maybe someone does. What I'm trying to say here is that I would hate to miss any of you this year on the trail ,because of someones sickness.

02-05-2003, 10:05
whittler I too would hate for anyone to feel so uncomfortable that
they would not take thier hike...but as some pass comments have exposed some of these attitudes do exist in the trail community, as they do everywhere in the world. the two girls that were murdered in SNP are just a small example of crime committed against gay people and other people of a minority status. The infamous"folkHero" Eric Rudolf" who has not been found is a suspect in a bombing of a lesbian night club and he has supporters in the NC area.

during my tenure as Caretaker at Ice h2o shelter a lesbain couple stayed at the shelter and a male hiker made some comments, my response was to say that life is made better and more interesting by diversity, The GREAT Smoky mtns a Wonderful diversity of life...

at a Hostel in NC which I will not call by name I also saw an incident of racism...by the refusal to provide a paid shuttle to a hiker (a black male) and then the refusal to rent him room in the hostel or a cabin....I saw and heard this happen...I offered him a ride telling him that I was heading into town just as soon as I finished making this style of flower pot...he said thanks but he felt like he needed to just leave immediatley(walking)....i understood and just threw tarp over my work and took him to town...we talked about the incident and he harbored no anger saying that even though he had meet with this discrimination that god had provide a way for him..

even on this board the word GAY used to be censored...even though that has been changed now..why would the word GAY have ever been censored???? in one of the AT polls the choices were "I'm a man wearing boots" along with "I'm a sneaker wearing queer" the use of the word Queer did not seem to be a problem in the this community...

SGT Rock
02-05-2003, 10:49
It was censored on a kneejerk reaction for about 12 hours.

02-05-2003, 11:32
and I appreciate your prompt attention to the matter:)

02-05-2003, 16:32
Why not say the name of the hostel? If there are people of color wanting to hike the AT they need to know where they are not wanted and I am sure most hikers would like to know so they don't support a business that discriminate. I think hiking the AT is extremely safe and most hikers are very open minded.

02-05-2003, 17:12
DRR...hiking the AT is very safe...but it didn't turn out to be very safe for the two girls killed in SNP did it..

I too find most hikers to be very open minded,,but not all..and It only takes one person to hurt a lot of people. as per past comments on this board we see that not all hikers are open-minded.

as far as naming the hostel ...it is not my intention to start a controversy on this board...as a matter of fact any controversy that I have been involved in on these boards has only been to respond to comments of others...

I've you would like to e-mail me I would be glad to discuss this with you.

02-05-2003, 17:30
and as far as this being a totally isolated incident another member posted in "hostels and lodgings" this

"One warning, the owner of the hostels language is decidedly ungenerous toward ethnic groups. Being an opinionated pc little bastard I believe I may avoid this hostel in 03."

He was speaking of 4 pines hostel... take a look at that thread.

as I have never stayed at 4-pines I have no way of knowing. what is the deal there????

and as far as naming the hostel where I saw the problem ..the place in not now owned by the same people and it is my hope that there will be improvement in the situation

02-05-2003, 22:02
DRRouner, Smokin Steve is fully implying that the hostel in question was Rainbow Springs, as we are the only Hostel in
N.C. that offers bunkhouse and or cabins. We have NEVER
discriminated in our 18 yrs. We have had many hikers over the yrs. of various colors, religion, etc. If memory serves us right the
hiker in question had asked about a FREE ride to Franklin, and at
the time, we were busy taking care of the hikers who were here.
Steve, I think you've made it perfectly clear by all your posts that
you don't care for Rainbow Springs, which is your peragotive, but
it's time to stop making up stories and start telling facts!!

02-05-2003, 23:12
and one FACT is that
you do protest too much jensine.....

Jensine writes
"If memory serves us right the
hiker in question had asked about a FREE ride to Franklin,"

so jensine you do remember something about this guy ...if your memory serves you right???

and details... :-?
you even remember the incident enough to remember the detail that the "hiker in question" wanted a "FREE ride"...REALLY??

well at least you DO remember something about the alleged incident...as you have said before there are TWO sides to the story.....

02-06-2003, 11:22
Steve, although I am not the moderator of this forum, I will take it upon myself to remind you that this forum is supposed to be about the AT and nothing more. It should have nothing to do with your personal feelings. I think this horse has been dead a long time. So get a life or get on to another subject. I'm sure others are sick of reading about your hatred for us. As we are.
Jensine & Buddy Crossman
Former Owners for 18yrs of Rainbow Springs Campground

02-06-2003, 11:59
Jensine .

I am quite aware of the nature of this board...I am discussing the AT...and the incidents that I have seen on it and surrounding it.

My hatred for you???

jensine I don't hate you...I don't hate anyone...HATE is not part of my life ( of which I do have one)....If I hate anything...It would be HATE itself....

as a matter of FACT...another member asked me "Why not say the name of the hostel"

I did not ...you did...and you even remembered details...not necessarily correct ones but you DID remember the incident.

Like you have said before there are two sides to the story....but now you want me to " get a life or get on to another subject"

jensine this should " have nothing to do with your personal feelings" as you have said to me.