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10-30-2017, 12:30
I'm planning to begin my flip-flop of the AT in Delaware Water Gap, heading north. I've searched thru the appropriate forums, but haven't found any thing helpful related to getting there from Florida nor where to stay. If all goes to plan, the trip will begin mid April. I'd like to find a place that could receive my gear by mail and hold it for me, then shuttle me to the trail the day after arrival. The more immediate question is what is the best way to travel up there.
Any advice will be appreciated!

10-30-2017, 13:02
There is a parallel thread that discusses flip-flop options that might be useful, titled "where to start in June".

Just a thought, since there is nothing particularly unique about DWG; we started our last leg to Katahdin at Port Jarvis, about half way through NJ, not that far up the trail from DWG.... Dirt cheap flight from Denver to Newark ($108 on SW air), quick and cheap train to Port Jarvis, cab ride a few miles to High Point NJ, headed north from there.

So might want to check flights to Newark from Florida. Just a thought.

10-30-2017, 13:48
I put together a plan to go back to DWG to continue hiking bc of a broken bone just south of there. You can catch a major bus line to Stroudsburg, PA. Arrive in mid day, on a week day, walk across the street and catch the local town bus to DWG (its like a couple of dollars cash) and stay at the Church of the mountain hostel there in town (donation for tent of bunk option with shower). There is an outfitter on the same main road if you need to pick up fuel. Call the outfitter Edge of the Woods on 110 Main St, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327,570 421-6681 to see if they will receive your gear package. Several great local eateries. You pick up the AT either direction within a couple blocks walk. If bus connections muddle your brain, you can call stroudsburg chamber of commerce or quiz the outfitter. I did walk across highway to the NJ state line so I could technically cross the state of PA off as "done." I found it cheaper and had more confidence in carrying my pack on the bus in a 3$ john boy suitcase with a blanket at my home thrift store and getting rid of them at the end of the bussing.I repacked the suitcase contents into my pack and donated them to local thrift. To get the right size suitcase (No duffle bag) measure the real length/depth of your pack, add a little bit; then shop thrift stores with the measuring tape in your pocket. May take a few trips. Have fun.


10-30-2017, 16:28
1) From the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal, you can ride the Martz Bus from there to the "Stroudsburg" Station. Go to this link
and click on the choice "To Stroudsburg/DWG, PA" for a complete schedule.
I put the word "Stroudsburg" in quotes because the station is in the city of Delaware Water Gap, but its mailing address is in Stroudsburg -- go figure.
Also note that you do NOT want to get off at the Stroudsburg Park & Ride -- it'll add some unnecessary distance to your walk.

2) From the Philadelphia Bus Terminal, you can ride Greyhound almost direct to that same station. Buses depart at 9:55am and at 4:00pm, and both take about three hours.

Once at the station, walk east into town, following Highway 611 as it veers south and becomes Main Street. Continue on Main Street until you reach the interstate highway bridge over the Delaware River.
After you cross over the river, exit the main road and walk on River Road until you reach the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center.
GoogleMaps{R} states that it is about two miles from the bus station to the visitor center.

These two pdf's should assist you on where to go next --

10-30-2017, 16:50
Try the Pocono Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA. It looks like they are still in business and a reasonably short walk from the bus terminal. 866-715-0006