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02-06-2006, 20:13
My excitement is getting the best of me. Today I am offically ready to start hiking. I made my reservations at Amicalola Lodge for the 14th of March. We will be starting the next day. That is only 37 days away!! Has anyone elese starting to get the jitter? I think you can really over prepare for it. I do wonder if somebody that has thru-hiked could help me with one thing. How did you not really miss your loved ones? I know you missed them but did you write every day? Did you call on certian days of the week so you were able to talk to the ones you missed? I think this would be the only reason I would leave the trail.

02-06-2006, 20:29
get it? missy? missing? okay,................the trick is,......your love must be real and solid like a rock.only unconditional love survives hardship. when i sat on the trail and cryed about quitting,...the real big facter was that i was in a bad relationship of cheating and unrest with the mother of my son. i left the trail for specific reasons one of witch was to come home and break up properly with her .you cant drag baggage down the trail.it wil sit you down and stare at you. it will get in your food and taste bad.now,10 years later im not in a bad relationship and im not worried my son is too young to leave and i can pay back any charges i acru without fear.the trail is a relationship,one enters only after squareing away ones affairs.matthewski preaches out.

02-06-2006, 21:11
Hmmm..If you feel the need to write "everyday" that could pose a considerable road block..I think the main thing for you and your loved ones to square away is that you are going on a once (Maybe) in a lifetime journey to a place you love and will remember all your life..They will be there and loving you and thinking of you while you are gone and will be there when you return but for a brief period you will be seperated in body only...If you immerse yourself in the trail totally and live it each day..each mile will bring one new face or historical place or interesting find after another to keep your mind occupied..Don`t just see someone and say hi as you fly past racking up the miles or race past those historical points of interest..Talk to the people you meet..Stop and contemplate that Civil War battle that was fought on the very spot you are standing...Its ok to miss your loved ones but don`t dwell on it or them and know they understand why you are gone and will be there when you return..Call sometimes but if parting will be a daily thought then you may not be ready.....I`m always curious about people who hike the trial just on a thru hike and otherwise never have contact with it and how they can have that deep feeling for the AT that seems to come from years of hiking it and having it be a part of your life..I wonder if there is any increase in successful thru hikes among those who have a life long attachment to the AT as opposed to those one timers?

02-07-2006, 05:43
Hey, Snowshoe, I feel ya, hope to meet ya up there.

About the missing the love ones thing, missing someone is natures way of reminding you that you love them.

You face many struggles ahead. Remember this, if quite your hike and say to those you love that you couldn't follow your dream because you were too worried about them or missed them too much...Well, aren't you blaming them? They sure will feel that your are blaming them - even if they don't mention it. Is this the way you want to treat the ones you love?

In my case, I make sure its ok to go. THEN I ASK THEM WHAT THEIR NEEDS ARE AS FAR A COMMUNICATION. You might have to negociate a little, but agree. As you hike both you and they will have a much better idea about the method and frequency of contact.

Letting go of those we leave behind is really tough even for the most experianced soldiers. That's why they carry a photo and a favorite letter.

02-07-2006, 19:37
Snowhoe, I've read your question several times and I will offer my suggestions. Please take these with a grain of salt. I do understand your anxiety about the trip since I felt a lot before my start last March 1. But my anxiety was more about being able to DO THE TRAIL, rather than losing connections with those back home.
I don't know what your motivation is to hike the trail, but I know how much your mind will fight you every day. After all, your mind has nothing to do all day but 'free range', and if you haven't come to terms with being separated from loved ones, I'm afraid your mind will use that against you.

Make starting and FINISHING the trail your top priority, after all, your loved ones will still be there when you get home, and they will have more respect for you having finished than you can understand right now. This could be the greatest trip of your lifetime. And you will make incredible friendships on the trail. Your not losing your loved ones, but adding to them. Enjoy!