View Full Version : Bushcraft(ish) Episode 2

11-16-2017, 20:49
I have joined and begun posting and interacting at another forum, Bushcraft USA (BCUSA). They have a free "Bushclass" series of lessons that look helpful, and I hope to start learning more about how to actually do more than hike and hang a hammock while I'm out in the woods.

In this trip I scout and select a site for "basecamp". I hope to use this spot to practice the lessons and skills needed to progress through the course.

For those concerned about LNT: I am too. This spot was entirely on private land. If I were out on public land I would never make a fire ring, I would use an existing site or forgo a fire altogether. Also, I'm not looking to make furniture, or teepees or other crazy stuff. My main goal is to be more proficient at making fire (without lighters and man-made materials), and being more self-sufficient while out-of-doors and not so reliant on technology.

All that said, here is a video talking about site selection and the day's goals.

And here is the trip report in pictures and words.
https://couch2trail.wordpress.com/20...n-1-episode-2/ (https://couch2trail.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/bushcraftish-season-1-episode-2/)

Thanks for your kind attention!