View Full Version : Shortoff Moutain Linville Gorge

12-05-2017, 11:53
Hey Ya'll just sharing a couple of pictures from my trip along the MST from over thanksgiving along shortoff mountain. This was my first trip to the Linville Gorge and I was blown away!

12-05-2017, 23:36
Absolutely gorgeous!

Tennessee Viking
12-06-2017, 16:35
I dayhiked up Shortoff from Wolfpit last New Years. The wind was CRAZY!!! When I reached the pond, I was getting knocked to my knees.

Pinnacle is also great viewpoint. The OMVT to Dobson Knob is ok.

Pinnacle to Wolf Pit and N Catawba Bridge to Bald Knob summit is my next gaps to complete

12-06-2017, 17:14
Sweet! Glad to meet a fellow MST hiker, I was really happy to hit this section as I am normally here hiking the Haw River trail portion, I love it but no mountains ;p I want to bring my 3 year old back in spring to day hike up shortoff, or maybe down into the gorge on Pinch In trail, we'll have to see.