View Full Version : Front Royal, VA - Mountain Trails

12-12-2017, 13:47
Front Royal, VA just got an outdoor store called Mountain Trails on Main St. They will be carrying gear and providing services: showers, coin washing machines, etc. There will be a brewpub right next to it too!!!

12-12-2017, 14:06

second post, eh?

do just outta curiousity---do you work for them?

Feral Bill
12-12-2017, 15:01
Is providing information regarding a new business not within the rules? The post does not seem like an add to me. A judgement call, I suppose.

12-12-2017, 16:31
While visiting this store, I over heard one of the sales people telling another customer about these "services." I'll also verify the "brewpub" portion. I'm anxiously awaiting it's opening!