View Full Version : Hanover news

Jack Tarlin
02-06-2003, 14:54
The P&C Supermarket on Main St in Hanover (formerly the Grand Union) lost their lease and closed for good on 1 February. However, there is still excellent (if more expensive) re-supply in town at the Food Co-Op, which is directly on the Trail, a few minutes walk North from downtown.

The Foodstop Convenience store is still open 24 Hours a day; Stinson's store on Allen St. has some food and personal care products, but primarily is known for its beer and tobacco selection, which is extensive.

Other major supermarkets are available in nearby West Lebanon, but you have to take a shuttle bus to get there. I suspect that most folks will resupply at the Co-Op this year.

Oh....while it's bad news that the cheaper supermarket is gone, the good news is that it'll most likely be replaced by a large chain drugstore, which will provide a good place to get health/personal items, film, snacks, etc. Will provide more info on this new business when I hear more.