View Full Version : Trip idea-NC Bertram/AT/ChunkyGal/FiresCreek. Info and ideas?

blackwater slim
12-27-2017, 11:59
Failed to do the last two trip reports on here but recently completed the AT/BMT 500 mile loop by section hiking over a period of 7 years. Now I am looking for a new trek and was thinking about this.

Start on on the NC Bartram Trail at Wallace Branch and head to the AT. Hike the AT southbound down and around to the intersection with the Chunky Gal trail then via the Chunky Gal trail onto Fires Creek and take the north rim and take out at the entrance of that area. That seems to be roughly 80 miles. I see the possibility to shorten that trip if needed by cutting through at Standing Indian campground area and by taking the south rim of fires creek trail.

This would be a trip with 5 nights spent in the woods most likely.

Thanks ahead for constructive ideas.