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12-28-2017, 19:10
I always try to spend wisely on gear, and especially when I ask for something on my Christmas list.

This year I asked for a down puffy. My mom found a Gerry brand puffy at Costco and gave it to me for Christmas.

I know this is no North Face or Marmot, but is it a respectable piece of gear. I donít really care if itís one micromilligram heavier than a name brand, but if itís 8 oz heavier that might sway my decision. Also donít care if itís warm to 27 deg vs the name brand being warm at 25 deg, but if itís a 40 deg vs 20 deg for the same weight then that to make also sway my decision.

12-28-2017, 20:10
I am not an experienced judge of gear but I did just happen to look at this today and thought it was a nice jacket. It did seem a little on the light side in terms of warmth but well made.

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Time Zone
12-28-2017, 20:28
What is the decision to which you alluded? Whether to keep it?
FWIW, I too am inclined to carry something 20% heavier for an 80% reduction in cost. Or whatever it works out to be. Last year I snapped up some similar down-wear (jacket and vest) at Costco, 32 deg Heat brand, for dirt-cheap ($20 and maybe $12, respectively), and have been very happy with its performance and durability.

Gerry is, or was, a respected brand with a history. I remember having Gerry ski jackets back in the late 70s and early 80s.

That said, this year's offering - down jacket from Gerry for $30 - did not impress me. For one thing, it didn't come with a stuff sack, like the items I bought last year. For another, the jackets I saw all were showing insulation leakage. All down things lose feathers at one rate or another, but I've seldom seen a new down item on display showing so many feathers poking out. I took a pass. BTW, these things are not, IMO, the kind of thing you'd rely on to keep you warm in winter. They are down, but they're very thin and light. They're better viewed as an ultra-light, cool-weather layer, for dry weather only. A substitute for lightweight fleece.

Now, Costco also was selling a heavier down jacket by the Spyder brand. It cost about double ($50-60, I forget) and that may well keep you warm down to 32F (assuming minimal activity). IDK how well it packs up but (depending on how the gift-giver would take it) you might want to consider returning the Gerry and applying the proceeds to the Spyder jacket. Depending on what you need and want. I wouldn't hike in either.

12-28-2017, 20:53
I still have my circa 1969 Gerry sleeping bag - it was very good stuff back then.

12-28-2017, 23:09
My dog uses a modified Costco down vest as a sleeping bag...Iíd guess itís fine to about 45*-50* over a light base layer as I wore it a few times before modifying it. Theres no comparing it to my Montbell UL down parka or anorak.....If itís layered over and under appropriate layers itís fine...you get what you pay for though.....~$20 itís OK...

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12-28-2017, 23:13
Disregard my post...just noticed not same jacket had been selling.

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01-08-2018, 12:11
ill need to try out

01-08-2018, 12:21
ill need to try out
30 posts in less than 30 minutes? Looking forward to your "for sale" post.:-?

Feral Bill
01-08-2018, 22:30
I'm pretty sure someone bought the Gerry name and logo, and have no other connection with the Gerry of old. They did have good gear, worth looking for on Ebay.

01-09-2018, 20:37
I have the $29.99 Gerry down jacket. It's OK for what it is, but is not cut out for the AT in cold conditions. Standing around at 40 degrees would be pushing it hard. I use it for mild weather day hikes or as a mid-layer if its really cold. I would rather sweat all over a $30 jacket for everyday use than my nicer jackets. It does leak a little down, but it's cheap but well made for the price. They call it a down sweater, and that pretty much sums it up.

Night Train
01-11-2018, 10:28
I look forward to the "Costco puffy sale" thread, every year. Never disappointed.

01-11-2018, 17:53
I've got one of them they sell at Cosco (and also Amazon) on the label 32 degrees. It has a hood. I've found it warm to about 32 degrees with some basic layering. (I tend to be on the cold side), though it hasn't been much colder than that here. It was $55 I think on Amazon, and I think they are cheaper at Costco.

@Night train: yep, I looked thru the archives, and sure enough Costco down jackets figure prominently. :)