View Full Version : Sleeping bag for NOBO 2018 starting mid/late April

01-18-2018, 14:39
whats the recommended sleeping bag for NOBO 2018 starting springer, mid/late April

01-18-2018, 14:42
i would do a 30 degree . it stays cold up in the mtns especially at night .

01-18-2018, 22:53
I will be using a zero degree bag, but I'm starting sometime around the first week of April. I've heard that the degree ratings on bags can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally you should consider the degree rating to be the lowest temperature you can SURVIVE, not the lowest temperature you will be COMFORTABLE. Plus I sleep cold and it probably depends on whether you are a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper. You can always add a sleeping bag liner if you don't think yours will be warm enough.

01-19-2018, 11:51
Look for the EN (European Norm) ratings. There should be multiple temperatures listed, for men and women and for comfortable sleeping and extreme (survival) conditions. The figure you should pay attention to is the comfort temperature for your sex. Adjust accordingly if you sleep hot or cold compared to the average.

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01-24-2018, 14:48
A 30 degree rating is a safe bet. In April you will still hit cold spells. Now a question you should ask your self is are u a cold or warm sleeper. Example iam a cold sleeper so my go to en rating is 20 degree quilt.

01-24-2018, 15:10
whats the recommended sleeping bag for NOBO 2018 starting springer, mid/late April

I started the first weekend of April in 2014, and a 15 degree synthetic was sufficient for even the coldest nights (~10 degrees) along with all of my clothing.

Definitely have a good system of layers for sleeping in, that won't be sweat-soaked from hiking all day.

TBH, the 15 degree bag was only good for the first month, and the last month.
From mid May to early september I wish I had a 40-50 degree bag, or just a light quilt. Mid summer (for 1 month) I ditched my sleeping bag altogether and used a Sea2Summit silk liner.

Definitely get yourself something to exchange for the mid part of your hike. It will reduce weight, reduce volume, and enhance your sleep.
Most hikers starting at your time would send winter/cold-wearther gear home somewhere between Damascus and Pearisburg VA, and would pick back up your winter/cold-weather gear at Hanover, NH.

02-02-2018, 01:17
I think Koozy has the right approach....layers. This gives a hiker more options/combinations to meet different conditions. I'm leaving Harpers Ferry at the end of April on a NOBO Flip Flop. Historically, the areas (Gettysburg as a basis ) I'll be hiking through in my first month have daily highs of 60's and nightly lows in the mid 40's. I sleep warm so I'm carrying the Aegismax sleeping envelope, a light bag liner (mostly to keep by sleeping bag cleaner), a 3.8 ounce SOL emergency escape bivy and enough layers of clothing to adjust....hopefully. I hope that this will get me all the way to Katahdin. If I need more (like in the Whites), I will have a Kelty Tuck 22 at home ready for dispatch.

02-15-2018, 22:36
I'm starting in early April and bringing a 10F quilt. It's too warm for sure but for the cost over the 20F version, it was worth it for the versatility. Enlightened Equipment Revelation. I figure that I can lay it over myself like an actual quilt and heat will vent out the sides. Tougher to do with a standard sleeping bag.

Good luck on your hike!

02-19-2018, 13:05
As a late April starter myself this year I have researched this same question for myself.
Have settled upon a 20* bag (WM Alpinlite).
Might only keep it with me for the first month or so before swapping it out but it's the bag I'm going to start with until I'm sure I don't need it any more.