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01-21-2018, 14:17
So after being stuck in analysis paralysis for way too long, I finally....right or wrong....ordered a duplex from Zpacks.

What line lengths have you found to be ideal for most conditions, without being too long as to get in the way?
The duplex has guy outs at each corner stake, but otherwise would be like just about any other pole/ridge line tent....so 4 corner lines, 2 ridge lines, and to fly guylines....

Thinking ahead a bit, I recall seeing someplace that the tent will come without the lines cut and attached. Now most of my tenting experience has been at more or less improved sites and in flat lands, where you don't have to be too concerned with rocks and other obstacles. In hopes of getting up to the mountains some, and on trial I'd like to set this thing up with that versatility in mind, so I want to be smart about the set-up when it comes in the mail.... I'd like the ability to easily tie off to trees, bushes, etc. too.

Also, did you find that the zpacks supplied line was good, or did you prefer a different line?

Oh, one more thing..... do you find that the linelocks are good, or is it better off the bat to set up the lines for just knots? I'm comfortable with bowlines, trucker hitches, and mid-shipman's hitches so I don't really need to lean on cheats so much....I'd imagine that if a company like ZPacks is using them, with their targeting more of the through hiker type market, then I'd guess these these things will be plenty durable. Hey, if I don't have to tie a knot, that just makes it all the quicker and easier at the end of the day....

01-21-2018, 14:42
My Duplex came with all the lines already cut to size. I think I had to tie the loop end and attach to the shelter itself. That was a couple years ago, so they may be pre attached now.

As far as lengths go, they are fine at the length they come. I end up tightening down the corners about half way most of the time, but I would leave the extra length in case I had to be creative with the pitch, like on a platform or using rocks as stakes. The included line is great, as are the linelocs.

01-21-2018, 14:51
The hexamid come with just the line and instructions to cut to certain specifications but according to the zpacks site the "plex" tents come with guy lines already attached. I had no issues cutting the lines and installing them for my hexamid and I've replaced the lines a couple of times since then. I initially went with line locks but later googled adjustable knots and did that instead to save weight and they are perfectly secure. You just have to cut the lines a little longer than specified if you intend the lines to be adjustable, whether using line locks or not. Personally I am happy to have had adjustable lines. In many spots, fixed length loops would have resulted in an imperfect pitch.

01-21-2018, 14:52
cool, that makes it easy then!
I remember seeing a video some time along in my research, and I thought I remembered that the tent just came with a bulk length of line. Re-re-re-reading their site, I do see that it mentions precut line.
I recon I could plan on using a piece off my bear bag line if I want to extend one in the field, to a tree or such....

01-21-2018, 14:53
So after being stuck in analysis paralysis . . .
Wow. You're not kidding. Go out and experiment and see what works best for you regardless of what works best for a bunch of the rest of us, which will, of course, all be different for each one of us.

I rarely use tents, I vastly prefer tarps in all four seasons (except bug season).
I don't like line locks, I find them fiddly and pointless little complications. I love knots. They are fast, smooth and versatile and I can tie different ones for different situations.
I like shock cords or rubber bands in line with my guy lines to ease the wind beating and stress on the tie-outs and stakes.
I frequently change my guy line length for tents depending on the season and whether or not I'll be pitching in snow. For tarps, I change guy line length every night depending on the pitch I'm using. Some people never change their guy lines after they have figured out a length they like.

Finally, I would not know any of my preferences if I hadn't spend time playing with the options and figuring out what works best for me, my aesthetic, my creativity, my risk aversion (which I don't actually have much of), and my willingness to fiddle (or not) with things at the end of a long day on the trail. I hate fiddly crap.

So, go play with all your options and imagination and go have fun!!

01-21-2018, 14:55
. . . I recon I could plan on using a piece off my bear bag line if I want to extend one in the field, to a tree or such....
As long is you didn't need your bear bag line at night when you need your tent. :-?

01-21-2018, 18:15
ZPacks sends the orange 1.25mm line which suffices, however Iíve found it very convenient to use linelocs at all corners as well as at the pullouts on either side of the tent.

In order for the linelocs to work, youíll need to use the 1.75mm zing it. I use 6í at each corner, and 12í for the pullouts. There is usually a tree to tie the pullout to, and Iíve frequently used all 12 feet.

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01-21-2018, 20:54
As long is you didn't need your bear bag line at night when you need your tent. :-?

My bear bag line is much longer than I'm likely to ever need. I figure I'll probably trim that down a bit, but plan on leaving it a bit long so to have some extra cordage on hand, just in case.....

01-21-2018, 22:55
On all tie outs that dont have alot of length ie corners of my duplex; ends of my Moment, I have permanently attached some builders line(about an extra 500mm) It is daisy chained and only used when cant get a good hold for my pegs and I need to to tie off on rocks/deadmans anchor etc.

01-21-2018, 23:18
I don't mind the linelocs, but I have had them slip in a storm. This can be avoided by using a slippery hitch to back up the lineloc.