View Full Version : Whiteblaze Pages 2018

01-21-2018, 15:02
When do you think Whiteblaze Pages 2018 will be back in stock?:confused:

01-23-2018, 13:13
Just for the record, and maybe in an effort to support and promote the WB Pages, ( sorry Methodman. I'm not trying to steal your thread, and I don't know when '18 will be available), I had used AWOL exclusively for my previous AT hikes, but last year I switched to WB. I really like AWOL, and it's hugely popular on the trail, which was exactly my logic for taking WB. Almost everyone I hiked with had AWOL, so having WB gave us two choices, options, potential differences, and it worked. WB was great. Not perfect, but really good for the first edition. I would expect it only to get better.

So if any of you are unsure, if you select WB for '18, you will not be disappointed. Just sayin.....