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01-22-2018, 21:37
I have a titanium Esbit stove (1/3 of an ounce and dirt cheap), plus the fuel tabs are 1/2 ounce each. I have used it on the trail on short one-week hikes and love it. This year, however, I'm planning a 2018 thru-hike. On section hikes, I can pack all the fuel I need for the whole trip. However, I'm wondering how easy it is to find Esbit fuel on the trail. I'm trying to keep mail drops to a bare minimum due to postage costs. I know that Walmart has their own brand of solid fuel tabs, which I have purchased but not tested. I generally cook in the morning and at night, so I use 2 tabs per day. I'm thinking I could carry 24 tabs, which would be very similar in weight to what many other hikers carry with heavier stoves and fuel. I'm curious how many of you have used Esbit and how easy the tabs are to find.

01-23-2018, 00:10
I don't think they are common enough to want to rely on them. Plus their kind of expensive for long term use. I sometimes carry a few of them for an emergency fuel or to start a stubborn fire.

01-23-2018, 08:23
I too am an occasional Esbit user. I have seen them in all the outfitters on the southern end of the Trail up through Hot Springs. :)

Highland Goat
01-23-2018, 08:37
When I hiked the AT in 2012 and the Long Trail in 2015 I used a titanium Esbit stove and hexamine fuel. I did not find Esbit fuel easily on the trail, but beforehand I purchased a different brand in bulk and shipped a twenty-day supply separately from my mail drops. Since hexamine is about as inert as fuel can get, it was not difficult to comply with the postal regulations. Pretty much ground shipping only.

01-23-2018, 08:40
Esbit setup is easy to use alcohol stove with . If you couldn’t get esbit use alcohol. Modified stove below works for me.


01-23-2018, 09:11
Personally I use the "EmberLit FireAnt" this way I can use wood or Esbit fuel then I added the Evernew titanium alcohol stove which fits perfectly in the top of the FireAnt giving me the opportunity to use three different fuels.

01-23-2018, 09:33
In 2013 it was available at most stops, however the stops that didn't have it meant I was carrying more then I needed. I may have bounced extra forward, but I remember carrying a lot through the whites. Also I was hiking with a friend through there and she carried a woodstove which when it worked saved fuel as we both used it.

All in all Esbit can work on a thru, though you will want to carry extras or have a alchy backup, or know how to make one. But it's ideal use to me is a known fixed time out, such as a week long backpack w/o resupply concerns.

01-23-2018, 09:34
Most outfitters have esbit. Anyplace that sell grills has hexamine grill lighter cubes. Considering how many you can carry with no weight penalty, I would consider it easily doable. BTW, you can blow out a cube once your water is boiling, let it cool and put in a ziploc for later. I fine approx i/2 a cube is all I need to boil 1.5 cups of water.