View Full Version : Seeking Shuttle from NY-CT line (Hoyt Road parking) to Bear Mtn Inn (NY) , 5/24

01-23-2018, 16:06
Subject line says it all. Looking for a shuttle for myself and a buddy on morning of Thursday May 24, from the trailhead lot on State Rd 55 in CT (just around the corner from Hoyt Rd crossing/NY State line on the AT) to Bear Mtn Inn Parking Lot.

Thanks for considering


01-24-2018, 07:52
One of the best ways to find a shuttle is to go on the ATC web page, click on explore then transportation options then shuttle list. It's a safer, cheaper more reliable option.

01-24-2018, 10:33
Uber may be a option there, as also taxi, also train/bus nearby as alternatives to AT shuttle drivers.

Old Grouse
01-24-2018, 11:30
Worst case: hike back to Pawling, take train to NYC, then bus to Bear Mtn.

01-25-2018, 18:20
Thank you. I'm aware of and often use the ATC and the AWOL guide for finding reliable shuttles. I noticed this WhiteBlaze Forum is called Ride Board. Thought I would give it a shot as well.

01-26-2018, 19:37
RE: the Uber comment, I did actually get lucky this past fall, when day hiking with a small group, and caught a Lyft from NY 17 to Arden Valley Road. I never tried Uber, so can't comment on that. I am not recommending you plan on using either, just be aware in case an issue develops. (If you aren't aware, these locations are south of your designations.)

Also, your question was well placed but not everyone knows about the ATC and AWOL guides. I looked and there are 2 names noted, plus possibly George Lightcap who has a great reputation. If you do use Deborah Tapp or Dorothy Haupt, I am interested to know your experience. I may be hiring a shuttle between Arden Valley Road and Route 55 later in 2018, but don't know when yet.