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01-26-2018, 13:07
My daughter will be in New Zealand for 5 months and will do some backpacking. Is there a concern for viruses over there or will a Sawyer Squeeze be appropriate for filtering water?

01-26-2018, 13:23
Generally, filters do nothing for Viruses, only other pathogens. We're heading there in 4 weeks (for 3 weeks only, alas) ourselves, so I will be following this thread. IIRC, really, it's pretty much like the US, one should either filter or treat with tables/Aqua Mira or run the risk of a case of Giardia or some other parasite. We plan on using Aqua Mira on our treks down there, and maybe a small Sawyer in case the water isn't very clear.

evyck da fleet
01-26-2018, 14:06
Water in NZ is fine. I’ve gone twice and used Aqua Mira. Depending on where you are the biggest concern with contamination would come from humans (other hikers) or sheep. It rains a lot and water is collected in tanks at the huts along the most popular tracks. Boiling or treatment is recommended as a precaution.

01-26-2018, 15:44
Thanks guys.

01-27-2018, 19:50
When I was in New Zealand I used a steripen -- no problem.

01-28-2018, 13:12
water is typically very good in NZ because of a lot less mammals pooping in sources. That being said it is best to avoid areas with lots of hikers and sheep, finding good sources is always important. I hiked across the south island with a squeeze and no stomach problems whatsoever. A lot of Kiwi hiker drink straight from the sources still..