View Full Version : The Flights are Booked. 10th March.. Just need to sort out Shuttle + Supplies :)

01-29-2018, 18:14
well it's done! I'm part of the 2018 gang!

travel insurance sorted..
Just booked the flights too Atlanta 10th march from New York 10th oct.

over the last few day its been driving me crazy.. do I book or don't I.. a return, do I need to before entering..
3 says yes.. 2 say no... some say 'what I'll do'..
after looking at flights and costs of cancelling etc.... it seem you pay a lot for 'next day flights' anyway, and if I cancelled you end up paying to cancel and the difference it ticket costs.
this is my first time'ish abroad and I'm making it an ACE one.. and knowing I have a return paid for and boarder control happy too see,, ill be a happier hiker.

if I need to come off the trail for emergency or back home, I can use the insurance!
a friend said if you finish before the 10th, you'll be happing to spend a week or so in the woods! Soooo True..
and spend a few days in NY before flying out..
that's the plan :)

all that's left is to sort out is Place to sleep in Atlanta (flight land 3pm so late to do much) + Supplies + Shuttle to Amicalola..

thanks for peoples advice on here..

01-30-2018, 09:14
My husband and I are going to Atlanta by Greyhound. We will be getting there at 11:20pm on the 28th. We are using Survivor Daveís Trail Shuttle. Great guy! We are staying at a hotel which gave us a discount just by mentioning we are using Survivor Dave. Discount price is only $75. Dave will be picking us up at 7am and taking us to Amicalola so we can do the Approach trail. He will even have our fuel! (Since it canít be carried on the bus of course) Stopping us for a bite to eat on the way. Heís on the ATC list as a shuttle. Just throwing that option out there for you. Good luck on your journey! Youíll be far ahead of us so probably wonít see you but have a great time!

01-30-2018, 15:38
If you get to Dawsonville on the afternoon/evening of the 10th, there is a motel called Dawson Village Inn which is reasonably nice and inexpensive. There is a Walmart across the highway and a local outfitter called Outdoor World about 1 km away. You are coming to the land of blue laws, so you probably can't buy beer or wine on Sunday before noon in Dawsonville. You'll hear about a slice of heaven called Chick Fil A and it is not open on Sunday. Good luck with your arrangements.

Emerson Bigills
01-30-2018, 16:22
I would not book a flight home if I was attempting a thru. How long is it going to take you? Do you know? I went with the average and expected 6 months... I finished in 140 days. I can tell you that when you finish, you are not going to want to hang around the woods. You are going to want some time in civilization, whether that means going home to those you miss (I did) or going somewhere else, you will be tired of the woods.

I booked my flight home about 3 weeks before I expected to finish and still sat around for two extra days killing time in ME. Changing to different flights was cost prohibitive, so I spent some time in Millinocket and Bangor basking in the glow of being done. I'm sure others might disagree, but.....

01-30-2018, 18:55
@Jennifer02325.. I did look at he's web site but its calls only.. no email!
Hope you enjoy yourself and you can let me know when you catch me up.. lol

@glenlawson..I've been looking the other way! Lol
Motel 6. Atlanta Northwest - Marietta.
$62 a night, walmart nearby. . Not too far to hopefully to sort out a shuttle from Sandy Springs (seems the place most pick up from) on the Sunday or see what uber charge.. Cheers

@Emerson Bigills..
It was more peace of mind for me.. it's my first real holiday and way out of my comfort zone with planning and sorting out things have been a pain..
I want to enjoy the hike as much as possible. .also don't want to feel I need to rush and if I get too far ahead I have that option to swing the day away with a view and relax. I too was thinking stopping off at Millinocket and Bangor.. who knows. . time will tell!.

But thanks for all your input :)

(£200 for the ticket back. When I spoke to a travel agent.it could be £1000-£1500 near the time and she recommended getting the flex tickets at £2099 for there and back)

02-02-2018, 01:21
Good luck on your adventure!