View Full Version : Getting To/From Each End of NY (Section Hike Transportation Help)

02-20-2018, 17:28
Hi all -

One of the things I am still struggling with as far as planning my NY state section hike is getting to/from each end back to my hometown.

Ideally, I would like to start right at the NJ/NY border and work NOBO to the NY/CT border...I am coming from the Syracuse area and would need public transportation/taxi/shuttle combination of some kind.

What I'd like to do is travel from Syracuse to NYC, and then from NYC somehow get to the NJ border to start my hike; then on the way back, I would need to get from the CT end back to NYC to return to Syracuse.

Any thoughts? This is the one area of prep/planning that is stressing me out and I'm not knowledgeable with what options might be available.

Thank you for your help!

02-20-2018, 21:45
The AT actually crosses the NJ/NY border several times. I'll assume you mean from where the AT crosses into and then STAYS in NY and continues NOBO.


To the AT: NJ Transit #196/197 Bus from the NY Port Authority Bus Terminal to West Milford/Hewitt, NJ/ Greenwood Lake NY. I'm not sure of exactly where the station stops are along that route - ask the driver! Hike blue blaze trails a few miles through the Abram S. Hewitt State Forest in NJ https://www.nynjtc.org/map/abram-s-hewitt-state-forest-map to connect to the AT.

From the AT: Hike back 6 miles from NY/CT state line to Metro North Train Station. If weekend, Appalachian Trail Station to Grand Central Terminal, NYC. - If weekday, go north on NY Rt 22 to Harlem Valley-Wingdale Station. Check train schedule at http://as0.mta.info/mnr/schedules/sched_form.cfm

Syracuse to NYC and back should be pretty easy by air, train or bus.

02-20-2018, 22:04
Here's info on getting from NYC to Greenwood Lake, which is just (trail) south of where The Trail enters New York State:


When you get to the NY-Conn State Line, you are at Hoyt Road.

Turn N (trail W) and make a left at and NY55, which turns into NY22 and walk to the Wingdale Metro North station.