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02-11-2006, 12:52
Its my favorite time of the year , only 2 weeks until departure date and the beginning of a NEW Adventure on the Trail. Although I am only planning (at this time) a 200 mile section this year (1100 last yr) I look forward to every mile !
So for the next couple weeks I will be putting a few things (DEALS) on EBAY or if theres anything on the Hiker page at my site fishinfreds.com that you would like EMAIL ME or call ASAP or you can look for my 'STUFF' on EBAY under Appalachian Trail.
Theres ALL NEW CLOCKS, STICKERS, PENDANTS, PLATES, PLAQUES and if I don't have it .....tell me what you want and if possible I will make it ! Thats how I got started ! A Hiker asked if I could make a 'HIKER PLAQUE' and my 'HIKER STUFF' was born and the Family of 'STUFF' has grown ever since !
Anyways...Just wanted to let you all know in case you wanted something before the shop closes and I head for the hills! YIPPEE!

PS ALL SALES for the next couple weeks will help with a BIG SUPRISE for 2006 Hikers . BIG MAGICS IN THE WORKS ! SHHHHHHH....:-?

02-11-2006, 13:57
Which 200 ya doing FF?

02-11-2006, 14:44
Well I have to get the section from Albert to Hot Springs and then possibly (BUT DOUBTFUL at this time ) Harpers Ferry to Monson to finish what I started out to do last year (ALL THE WAY).After getting caught up in a whirlwind of 'MAaaaaagic' (29 DAYS helping out on 'MAGIC MT.ALBERT') and getting caught up in trying to sell my 'Hiker Stuff' at all the Festivals along the way(to support my hike) ,and not to mention knee and foot hassles... I couldnt complete the dream last year :( , BUT already have plans for a 2008 or 09 SOBO thru hike which I plan to wear my 'Trail Magic Blinders' and have the hike PRE funded instead of trying to fund it doing biz on the way (which actually worked but was a hassle and was toooo time consuming and detouring from the Hike itself.) NO COMPLAINTS THOUGH ....just gives me something to keep looking forward to and I met a tremendous amount of GREAT people whom I look forward to seeing again.

'Got my pack and I got my drum'
Headed for TRAIL DAYS