View Full Version : Short trip yesterday off Rt 27 ME.

walkin' wally
02-11-2006, 16:30
I took a hike on the AT both northbound and southbound off the Rte 27 crossing in Maine while I was in the area for the weekend. The snow conditions are sparse to say the least in that area. Definitely not what one would not expect for this time of year.

The 'snow' conditions are more ice than snow both white and clear with no more than 3 inches deep in places. A lot of bare ground in the woods too. I would have liked to have had cramp-ons in places as the trail was very slippery. Plenty of blowdowns too

The weather yesterday was bitter cold with severe wind chill and getting into the woods did not really warm me up much, and this made my journeys shorter than I would have liked. I saw a lot footprints that were made in the warmer weather. This morning the temperature was well below zero up near Sugarloaf. The coldest weather this season I think.

All this aside it was nice to be out on the trail again. If the weather pattern continues like it has been this winter I think we will have an early spring this year. There have been other places to hike here in Maine this winter with no snow at all.

We are supposed to have a coastal Nor' easter tomorrow so maybe the snow situation will change.