View Full Version : Hidden Treasures in the Cohuttas-Quest for a Hidden Waterfall with Sleeves

03-01-2018, 14:37
Hey Y'all,

Well I've been out of commission for the whole month of Feb. A bout of strep throat followed up by a severe case in both feet had me down and out, and I'm still hobbling around.

However I finally got around to editing a trip I took back in January with YouTube celebrity, Sleeves. If y'all haven't checked him out yet, you should. He's a hammocker and is currently hiking the AT somewhere in NC.

The trip: My friend Sleeves and I decided to go on an off-trail waterfall hunt in the Cohutta wilderness, based on some "bread crumbs" we found online. We both independently researched where we thought the falls might be located, and when we compared notes we had both settled on the same coordinates. Putting theory to the test, we decided to test our guess and it turned out we were right!