View Full Version : Repairing plastic window on rainfly?

03-18-2018, 17:08
My 8 year old Marmot Limelight tent rainfly has a plastic window that I accidentally ripped off when it got caught on one of the tent poles. My plan is to use 3M double sided tape (https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00I4E4HPI) to reattached it to the rainfly. There's a 1/2" overlap so 1/2" wide tape would fit perfectly. Is there another tape that's better suited for this repair? Or some kind of glue?42281

03-18-2018, 17:20
I used spinnaker tape from West Marine on my Kelty Gunnison 3 that I use for car camping. I'll never buy another tent with "windows" again. It could have been a trek ending event had it happened out there where resources are scarce. I taped both windows inside and out. Holding out so far but I do carry a tarp in the car now.

03-18-2018, 17:24
http://www.landfallnavigation.com/baspsareta.html?cmp=froogle&kw=baspsareta&utm_source=baspsareta&utm_medium=shopping%2Bengine&utm_campaign=froogle&Color/Size=Red/25%20Feet&gclid=CjwKCAjwnLjVBRAdEiwAKSGPIwcqcabvVl50MAM9Ack4 403hkm3aJddlWJNex7mOB2ElD-fjTG_nehoCPeQQAvD_BwE

03-18-2018, 17:35
Does Spinnaker tape come double sided?

03-18-2018, 17:52
No, my selection did not. That is why I taped outside and inside around the windows. It made like a tape sandwich, tape inside and outside with the window and tent fabric in the middle. tape is 2" wide so there is plenty to work with. Whatever tape, have fun getting it all smooth and no wrinkles.