View Full Version : Hiking first At section hike From paul wolfe shelter to black rock hut help

03-21-2018, 17:50
Ok so i have been researching and gearing up and reading and interneting and you tube ing and any other way you can think of to learn about the AT. I have the 2018 At thru hikers guide the awol one and I also have the guthook map on my phone of the said section. First real backpacking trip but have camped middle of no where at switzer lake areas and had no problems. Starting my hike May 3-6 with a friend. Upon researching out definitive hike and you have no idea how good it feels to have all my gear and a def date on the books for my adventure. I keep coming across all this bear activity exclusively in the said path. Is this a unusually active area for bears? Im gonna be honest here like im gonna go and **** but some people might want to see a bear in real life I could care less about seeing one ever period. Is this a healthy fear for this section or if i use all the precautions I can with bear bag no food in the tent loud noises and look big if confronted and dont run and last resort fight back.Should i be fine and im just geeking myself out ? Should I just chill out ? Lol i know its the woods and all and this is what you get but i cant help but wonder i mean i got kids and **** lol. Someone chill me out please and thanks Zig

03-21-2018, 20:35
you got this. there was "Problem bear activity " at that Paul Wolfe Shelter area last fall, but if you take usual precautions you should be fine. There a bearpole there to hang your food. And you'll likely have plenty of company at that time of year.

03-21-2018, 20:45
Black bears are nothing more than big raccoons.

Respect them but don't fear them.

They are much more afraid of you than you should be of them.