View Full Version : Flop flop starting in April in VA

03-22-2018, 08:55
Thinking of starting a flip flop hike going nobo on the AT from either Marion or Roanoke areas. Starting anywhere from April 4 to April 11. Who has hiked VA in April. Weather? Any other insights? Thanks.

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Pastor Bryon
03-22-2018, 09:11
We've had a decent amount of rain the past few weeks, so most listed water sources should be good. The big bubble will not have arrived yet, but there appears to already be a good number of folks who would be in that area by then.

Weather will be a little of everything, from chances of snow to close to 80, prepare for it all. Any allergy issues? Because most everything will be starting to bloom.

IMO, don't start on a weekend from Roanoke. Lots of folks will be out and around McAfee, Tinker, and Dragon's Tooth.

You'll be near my backyard, holler if I can be of any other help.

03-22-2018, 11:42
Yep, the weather will be highly variable. April is the time of year the Jet stream directs storms into the mid Atlantic. Don't be fooled by a few summer like days into thinking it will stay that way and you can send some warm layers home. It probably won't.

03-22-2018, 12:26
I spent one of the coldest nights I've ever experienced while camping on Mt. Rogers on April 20th one year. I had to get in my bag for 20 minutes just to warm up enough to have enough dexterity in my fingers to light my stove. Three days before that, I was hiking in shorts and a t-shirt and sweating through my pack.

03-22-2018, 16:36
The Blue Ridge just saw 6-10 inches of snow yesterday with another round of snow/ice this coming weekend. Mother Nature can be fickle in the higher elevations of Virginia till end of April.

03-22-2018, 19:37
Even a two week delay on starting will make a significant difference on weather conditions. Unless life responsibilities require you to start early April, consider a May 1 start. Just my 2 cents.

04-02-2018, 22:14
I'm planning on starting on April 15th at Front Royal; who knows, you might catch me. My trail name is "guitarzan."