View Full Version : Anybody ever camp at Tritt Gap?

Sailor (The other one)
03-23-2018, 13:16
As the thread title says.

Lone Wolf
03-23-2018, 15:36
never heard of tritt gap. where is it?

Gambit McCrae
03-23-2018, 15:44
I had to search for it, its 1 mile south of Woody Gap. Its not in guthooks at all. Not that that doesn't make it important, I just couldn't find any info on it

03-23-2018, 16:53
Assuming you're talking about the spot marked in Google Maps between Woody Gap and Gooch Gap, as you hike south from Woody Gap the trail essentially contours around the steeply sloped side of Black Mountain. I don't recall any flat spot big enough for a campsite between Woody Gap and Ramrock Mountain. The only exception is a spot about 100-200 yards west / south of the spot marked as Tritt Gap in Google Maps that has a nice view and possibly room for a small tent (see photo).


If I recall correctly there is a fire ring and room for a few tents near the Ramrock Mountain overlook.

03-23-2018, 17:27
There is no good place to set up a tent at Tritt Gap. It is a narrow gap between Ramrock and Black Mtns. There is a footpath that leads down to Wildhog Creek Circle where you might find a spot to set up a tent but you would likely be on private property. About a half mile north there is a camping area at the point of the Black Mtn side trail. There are some trees that came down during Irma but there is still space. And, about 30 yards further north is a seasonal spring for water.

Sailor (The other one)
03-23-2018, 21:07
Fatman! You may not recall but years ago you allowed my wife and I to park on your property and hike, twice. We met you on the trail leading room your place to the AT.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like the Black Mtn spot might work for us.
Thank you too Johnacraft. We can check that spot also.