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03-25-2018, 18:09
I attempted a thru in 2017 and got injured at High Point State Park in NJ, ending my hike. Planning to go back and finish this year. Timing wise, I could get a ride to Trail Days (from Birmingham) and then after try to get to NJ. I know hikers hitch back to Damascus every year and then get a ride (somehow) back to the trail north but all the way to NJ seems like a long way. Any ideas on how to get that far after Trail Days? Thanks. CBiscuit

03-25-2018, 18:29
I doubt there will be any hikers looking to go to NJ from Trail Days, but there could be people from that area traveling to visit Trail Days for the weekend. You'd want to find such a person or persons well before hand to make arrangements. Hoping to find that ride at Trail Days would be a real gamble.

03-25-2018, 20:54
If you can get to New York City, then the paragraphs in this blog of mine


tell how to get from NYC to (almost) High Point.

Note that the pdf link for schedules on the train to Sufferin NJ, and beyond to Port Jervis, is now
Continue to note that not all trains leaving for Sufferin go on to Port Jervis. Pay attention to the signs at Seacaucus Junction Station!

From Port Jervis you can ride a taxi up to High Point.

03-26-2018, 11:29
From Damascus, you could work your way to either Christiansburg or Roanoke VA. In Christiansburg, there is Megabus service to DC, which will provide multiple options to get to NYC. In Roanoke, there is Amtrak service to NYC. Another option is to check TriCities airport, you might be able to score a cheap flight to NYC.

03-26-2018, 11:32
Yet another option is to post your ride needs in the Ride Board subforum on WB. If you put it up now, someone with a similar itinerary travelling to Trail Days might see it.