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Tha Wookie
02-13-2006, 12:50
Thinking of grealty enhancing your backpacking skills and connections with the natural world? Want to learn how to flourish in nature without a dependency on gear? Or do you just want to learn some cool skills to prcatice on your upcoming thru-hike?

Please see the below description of the upcoming workshops I have organized along with Athens-Clarke County and three incredible "primitive skills" instructors from the southeast. You are welcome to come and learn with us, and are encouraged to sign up early as space is limited. All of our previous courses sold out very quickly. Public registration opens Feb. 13th. Call 706-613-3631 to reserve your space.

Ancient Wilderness Survival Skills

Level 1 : Carl Lindberg, Nate "Tha Wookie" Olive and Catherine Stinson feel
blessed to have the opportunity to pass along basic
ancient wilderness skills (AKA survival skills) like that
teach self-reliance, cultural heritage, awareness, and instill
a functional relationship with the natural world. Come
ready to actively learn the basics about making bow drill
fires, edible plant and water gathering, natural shelter
building, and much more.
Level 2
Level 1 course is required first (unless comparable course already taken; contact Tha Wookie). This course will take the level 1 topics further, expanding the functionality of them so that each student has guided instruction on using the previoulsy introduced topics on theor own in the woods. New topics include cordage (making rope out of natural materials), enhanced awareness techniques, primitive navigation, and more. This course will prepare students to maximize learning for level 3, the next week.

Level 3
This class is what we have been working toward! It will be led by a VERY special guest instructor, Bill Burt, who has devoted a lifetime to mastering wilderness skills. Bill speaks with the voice of the Lakota Indians, the tribe from where he learned his highly advanced, inspirational, and funtional education. Bill has taught ancient skills at the college level, at many workshops, Earth Skills gatherings, and more. As a southerner, his extensive knowledge on Appalachian and Peidmont life, geography, and culture is astounding. He is guaranteed to greatly enhance your connections with nature, hiking, and camping on many levels.


All ages, under 16 must be accompanied
by an adult.

Dates: (rain or shine)

Level 1: Febuary 25th, Feburary 26th (choose one)
Level 2: April 1st, April 2nd (choose one)
Level 3: April 8-9 (two-day overnight)


Levels 1 and 2: Noon- 5 p.m.
Level 3: 10am Saturday - 2pm Sunday (times subject to change)


Sandy Creek Park: The Crow's Nest


Pre-registration required by calling Sandy Creek Park Office at
(706) 613-3631 before class


Levels 1 & 2: $20/ACC residents
$30/Non-ACC residents

Level 3: $85/ACC res
$100/non-ACC res

Thanks to Ray and Jenny Jardine, Bill B., Tom Brown, and Evan McGowan for passing the skills to us.:sun

For more info and reservations call (706) 613-3615 x227. Also feel free to PM Wookie for any questions.

Lion King
02-14-2006, 13:05
tried to send you a PM but your stored box is packed....

Tha Wookie
02-14-2006, 19:24
Yeah, looks like I got a notice ealier. Some other people tried to send me one. Everyone try again in a little while.



Tha Wookie
02-18-2006, 13:12
My PM box was filled again and I missed some PM's. Please feel free to post questions here. The registration is going very well, but there are some people here who have asked me about it that I can't seem to track down again. So if you have not gotten a response from me, please try again!

I talked with Bill Burt through Carl about the level 3 course. It will be incredible! I HIGHLY encourage people to attend that two-day workshop as well.



02-18-2006, 14:18
I hope that this does not sound stupid. What is an ACC Res? Is it Atens-Clark county residents?

Tha Wookie
02-18-2006, 17:48
I hope that this does not sound stupid. What is an ACC Res? Is it Atens-Clark county residents?

Good question. Yes, "ACC res" means Athens-Clarke County Resident. Since this is a County-Run program, people who live in Athens pay a lower fee because they already pay a portion in their county taxes.

Hope to see you there!