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Former Admin
09-10-2002, 05:00
Are there any past thru-hikers in this forum or visiting this forum, this will give us a better idea of whose who.

09-30-2002, 19:06
Did my thru-hike in 1997.

Mr Moose
march29 on Springer - october 6 on Katahdin

09-30-2002, 20:43
Little Bear GA-ME 2000
3/7/00 - 8/21/00
Currently live in Warwick, NY about 4 miles from the AT.
Am moving to Chattanooga in near future.

That's about it...

Lone Wolf
12-09-2002, 17:11
Started in Georgia, ended in Maine. 5 times.
Started in Maine, ended in Georgia. 1 time.
Have hiked 4000 "other" AT miles (big sections)
I cannot tell a lie. Those GA-ME hikes and the ME-GA hike were by no means "pure" Lotsa blue-blazing, bushwhacking and road walking in there. I'll never have a patch or certificate. Im out of the closet. I'm a BI-BLAZER!

12-09-2002, 17:14
LW, do you know White Trash? If so tell him Puck is stocking up on Natural Light and Little Debbies for this spring.

Lone Wolf
12-09-2002, 17:20
Yeah waco. I see him every day. He works at MRO here in Damascus. I'll tell him.

Jack Tarlin
12-09-2002, 19:08
Seven hikes of entire Appalachian Trail, including six thru-hikes (1997-2002). All trips were Northbound, tho I've hiked much of the Trail in a southbound direction. Have always considered myself a white-blaze ultra-purist, (i.e., I stick to the established Trail) tho I've no problems at all with those who wish to hike a different way.

Sleepy the Arab
12-10-2002, 00:46
Hiked 1800 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 1999, and the entire length in 2001. Somehow managed to walk by all the white blazes between the two trips, but probably couldn't pay enough attention to do so in one go. I also haven't gotten around to sending that little form back to the ATC.

12-10-2002, 10:48
GA -> ME 2000
Live in Doraville, GA (northeast suburb of Atlanta)

12-11-2002, 01:04
I've been absent from the A.T. internet scene for quite a long while and just signed on to the forum tonight. Recognize a few names but not too many at this point.
GA-PA 1993
PA-ME 1997
GA-ME 1998

Lots of other fun stuff too. Life and God have been good with many great things in the last few years. Joy in abundance! I got married in 2001, now have a 3 month old son and just finished building my own home with my own hands! Praise God!!

Youngblood, I see you live in Doraville. I just moved from Roswell to Woodstock, GA and still work in Roswell. We're neighbors!

warren doyle
09-10-2003, 15:29
As of 9/10/03, I have walked the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail (i.e., white blazes) twelve times:
1 solo thru-hike in 1973 (66.5 days - a record at that time)
6 group thru-hikes in 1975, 1977, 1980, 1990, 1995, 1995, 2000
(100% completion rate in 5 of the 6 expeditions)
5 section hikes done between (and during) the thru-hikes (1972-present)

I will finish my 13th hike (section) during the first weekend in April 2005 and my 14th hike (2005 Circle Expedition) on Labor Day weekend 2005.

09-10-2003, 15:34
Thru-hiked northbound with my Wife, Jitterbug for our honeymoon in 2002. We left on Mar 3 and finished on Aug 18th.

Now residing in Minneapolis until we can break away for another long distance hike.

Spirit Walker
09-10-2003, 17:31
I hiked the AT GA-ME in 1988 and 1992 - not as a purist either time. Not my style. Also hiked the CDT in 1999 and the PCT in 2000 and some other shorter trails in between.

09-10-2003, 18:39
the person who asked this question, asked months ago so i dont even think they are reading this.
However im A-Train, i just finished a northbound thru-hike from march 1st to July 31, 2003. Im 20 years old and love puppies

Cedar Tree
09-10-2003, 19:10
Cedar Tree, I got GAME 2000. West Point Mississippi is my home, but I live in Gainesville, GA now.
I only have one little thru, but I have started over at Springer and I am now at Fontana Dam.

09-10-2003, 21:43
Thru Hiked 2002 Started March 17, stopped Sept 26.

WhiteBlazed North/ Pack on Back

09-11-2003, 23:41
ga - me '76; makes me feel old; and i've been returning to favorite sections, checking out 'new' trail and lots of side trails, off trail bushwacking and other unconnected wild places in the appalachians ever since. still have to complete arden valley to bear mtn - my uncle wouldn't return to where he picked me up - wanted to show me bear mtn and west point...and carter dome to gorham - big storm. i'm purely into getting back out there whenever possible - even relocated to east tennessee 5 years ago to facilitate that - looking forward to yet another offtrail climb to the heights of gsmnp next weekend.

09-11-2003, 23:46
I got the 'unofficial' ga-me 2000 miler patch (as opposed t the official me-ga one) after the hike from a guy somewhere near neel's gap. It made sense to get it since that's the way i walked. It's still on my big kelty serac. I heard that the atc stopped him from producing these patches a short time later. Anybody else have one or hear any more about them?

Kozmic Zian
02-25-2004, 13:47
Are there any past thru-hikers in this forum or visiting this forum, this will give us a better idea of whose who.
Yea.....Done that, been there. Whow, what a star-studded cast. Let's make an AT Vet's Movie...ha. Naw, I've been blessed by the creator with the will and physical strength to walk The Trail NOBO in 1996. Started May 21st, finished on Katahdin,October 25th. I got home and thought about The Trail constantly, and in 2000, I got up there again with the 'Mellinium Hajj' in mind but slipped and hurt a knee pretty bad, but got to Damascus. Then in 2001, I got up again in Damascus with a friend and did VA to HF, my wife's mother got sick, had to go home again. So I've got the 'Harper's Blues' for now.....Hope to get up again soon, looking at Spring '05, to finish the second walk and complete the Millineum Hajj. Then it's off to the Rockies in '06 -'07. I would like to maybe reach some kind of closure on this 'hiking thing' (I'm 56 now) by going up to BC and Alaska before I get too old and doing some 'real wilderness' hikin'. See yas Up The Trail....KZ@
__________________________________________________ ________________
'Just Give Me A Warm Sleeping Bag and My Peanut Butter'.....Kozmic Zian '98

02-25-2004, 14:10
the freewheelin milo funkworthy-butch huskey-the grand prismatic-ga to me 1999. (have since patched up most of the glaring impurities of that trek)

02-25-2004, 14:12
Ga>me '03


02-25-2004, 20:32
Scaper- Ga-Me May 5- October 9, 1990

02-25-2004, 20:49
Georgia to Maine in 1999. I've re-hiked most of VT, NH & ME 2001 to 2003.

02-25-2004, 22:37
April 6th to October 6th 1997

02-26-2004, 22:10
Ga-Me 2000

02-27-2004, 12:35
I swam to Katahdin last year ...

02-27-2004, 12:40

AT'95 GA to ME
March 28th to October 8th